My Presets

The OG Preset Pack

OG: Original.
This is where my presets began, I wanted a quicker way to apply my own look to my music photography. So, OG was born!

There are several presets in this pack that I love to use on my music photography as the starting point of my edit!

These work well with low light photos as they lean in to editing the shadows.

Faded Metallic
Tealy Good
Orange & Teal

Also included in the OG pack is these classic look presets that will make any image feel timeless. These presets work best with sunny scenes with people, sky and water.

They are a great starting point for anyone who misses a more analogue process to their photography!

The Seasonal Preset Pack

These presets allow you to make almost any photo look like it was taken in any season you like!

This came about as I love Autumnal colours and wanted to hold on to them a little bit longer, so found a way to keep them all year round!

Classic Autumn
Winter Blues