The OG Presets


Over a dozen professionally designed Lightroom presets to speed up workflow and help create your own unique style. They were created out of necessity to have my own style but a quicker workflow, so OG was born! This was the first of the presets to be made and has been honed over time, with others coming later on as different styles and types were needed. Below is a few examples of the different presets in this pack

Works with:
✔ Desktop Lightroom CC
✔ Desktop Lightroom Classic 7.3+
✔ Lightroom Mobile
✔ Adobe Camera Raw

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OG: Original.

This is where my presets began, I wanted a quicker way to apply my own look to my music photography. So, OG was born!

There are several presets in this pack that I love to use on my music photography as the starting point of my edit!

These work well with low light photos as they lean in to editing the shadows.

Faded Metallic
Tealy Good
Orange & Teal

Along side the original unedited photo here are 3 examples of my classic look presets that will make any image feel timeless. These presets work best with sunny scenes with people, sky and water.

They are a great starting point for anyone who misses a more analogue process to their photography!